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Age of Empires has been one of the best Real-time strategy video game series since the original version came out in the late 90s. …

PowerBI is a collection of analytics services by Microsoft that helps turn your data into insights. It consists of different elements that work together.

PowerBI Desktop : A windows application where the user can create reports & visualization.

PowerBI Service : A SaaS to view reports and dashboards. Also you…

In this article, I would like to show a small Python Script to find lookup policies on multiple matches of all look-ups under the workflows under scope.
There are 4 different options that can be set on lookup policy when there are multiple matches for passive lookup

  1. Use any value

A Python script to analyze Data distribution in a Netezza Database. This script can be modified (System table names are different in different Databases) and can be used with other MPP databases such as Teradata etc. …

An attempt to create a Python script to analyze Itunes libary. This is intended for beginners in Python to make learning fun, especially for people who love Analytics & Music. I worked on this in 2018 as part of learning Python. There are a lot of interesting information in the…


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